Controversy ensues over banning of bake sales

In their effort to combat childhood obesity, schools in Massachusetts are banning bake sales. On August 1, anything deemed unhealthy will be banned.

Bakesales may be a great way to raise money, but they encourage unhealthy eating habits and are being banned as part of the fight against childhood obesity. Photo courtesy of

The ban targets food sold during the day in the hallways, cafeteria, vending machines, bake sales, holiday parties and other “competitive foods.” State officials, however, are pushing for the ban to include evening, weekend and events held in the community.

Controversy has arisen because of the money that bake sales inherently bring in to sponsor sports events and band trips and the argument that people should have the freedom to choose what they eat.  More critics argue that the government is not equipped to make such a significant change in a child’s life. But supporters counter that the obesity epidemic has gotten so out of hand that severe measures are necessary.

Listen to Stephanie Armour of the Bloomberg Businessweek talk to David Greene about the issue on NPR.


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